About me

Welcome to my site! Here is my story: I started climbing in 2011, while I was pursuing exchange studies at University of Oregon. For the past five years, I have devoted a lot of time and energy into climbing. I’m based in Tampere, Finland.

I am very fortunate for getting an education in climbing in Oregon. I am not kidding when I say an education. The University of Oregon offers a unique opportunity for the outdoor oriented: the Outdoor pursuits program. I took all the climbing classes in the program and spent every weekend at Smith rock practicing the skills I learned in class. You can read about it in my former blog emmaamerikassa. I continued educating myself in Finland. I am in the process of becoming a Rock Climbing Instructor (UIAA).


For me, climbing has always been about doing what I thought is impossible for me. I love the adventure. I love challenges. I love being scared. I love not knowing what is ahead of me. I love long, committing days on rock. I love the nights spent under the stars. I love wrapping my cold, numb fingers around a hot cup of coffee in the morning, before heading out to the mountains.


Climbing has taught me a lot: To set goals. To successfully plan and implement climbing projects. To build trust with my own skills and with my climbing partner. To succeed and to fail. I admit, it is challenging sometimes to balance work and family life with climbing goals. But seeking the balance makes me motivated and helps me thrive in anything I set out to do.

In my writing I hope to inspire you to pursue your passion. And start climbing!


August 2017

Ps. I write a lot in Finnish. Let me know if you want a piece translated.